IJT Technology Holdings

Group Philosophy

We at the IJTT Group will support the growth of our customers' business, making the best use of our manufacturing and craftsmanship.

Using group's teamwork as our platform, we will rise to the challenge of developing technologies in harmony with the environment, supporting our customers as trusted manufacturing and craftsmanship partners.

In an increasingly global business environment, we will serve the international community, thereby realizing sustainable growth and increasing our corporate value.

Group Management Principles

"Forging, molding, and refining."
Through steadfast unity and flexible thinking, we will refine our world-renowned technology and product quality, thereby offering innovative value to our customers.

Group Guidelines for Action

As members of the IJTT Group,

· We think, undertake, and act for ourselves;
· We strive with our associates and grow with each other as we rise to our challenges;
· We always consider our customers' perspective;
· We are aware of the environment and treat our limited resources with respect.